About Me

A photo of me in Hampton, NH

I am a Computer Science and Spanish student currently attending Brigham Young University. I was born in Dayton, Ohio in October 1989. I have lived in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New Hampshire, Chile, and most recently, Utah.

I do live music production as a hobby, and work as a web developer for BYU University Communications. My primary projects at work are the BYU campus map, and maintenance of the photography department’s archive. I am bilingual English/Spanish, and at present, in addition to my bilingual proficiency, I speak and read limited Portuguese and Afrikaans, and read a limited amount of Hebrew. I have previously worked as a substitute high school teacher in math, science, and several foreign language classes.┬áI’m also bassist for Provo-based Pando and assisted┬áin recording and production of our Trembling Giant EP.

This is my personal site. Feel free to look around; it’s constantly under development, so feel free to come back as well. If you’re wondering what I’m up to, check out some of my latest projects off my impossible list.

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