A story behind every one

So I was looking over old files on my laptop, and came across this list, which consists entirely of daily lessons learned a few years back in the summer of ’08. This was around the time I had my nasty jaw surgery. Just so y’all are aware.

2008 lessons

1. It is, in fact, possible to cry so hard you laugh so hard you cry.
2. When told to be patient, be patient. Don’t whine about how it’s hard.
3. Good things take time.
4. Dancing is an effective cure for particularly severe cases of feeling blue.
5. Be grateful for pain. It means you’re alive. It means you can feel.
6. Don’t ask for more than you’re given.
7. There is in fact such a thing as too much rain.
8. When feeling particularly bad, cookies your little sister just made and pulled out of the oven taste incredible and set you back in a better, if not altogether good, mood.
9. Be grateful for everything. You don’t know what might be gone tomorrow.
10. Family is everything.
11. It is okay to laugh when things seem at their worst. It helps.
12. Taking a walk is a particularly good idea when at a loss for what to do, but particularly bad when done in sandals.
13. Friends have a habit of knowing what you need to do to cheer up a lot better than you do.
14. Do everything in your power to never go on a liquid diet, even if you wind up in a retirement home.
15. Miracles happen every day if you just slow down and take a look at what’s happening.
16. Take life as it comes to you. Doing anything else is just plain stupid.
17. Don’t ask for an answer you know isn’t coming any time soon.
18. Sometimes you have to leap before you look, and trust that things will work out when there is no way of knowing anything will.
19. Prayer works.
20. It is possible to become best friends in less than five days.
21. When one chapter closes, there’s always another one right around the corner.
22, Doors don’t always lock after closing.
23. Sing. And don’t stop.
24. Often, we don’t know the effect we have on others’ lives.
25. Girls will never not be confusing beyong all imagining.
26. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but above all else, live right now.
27. It is okay to be completely terrified, so long as you go on in spite of it.
28. Communication=good.
29. There are no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.
30. Don’t try making up for lost time.
31. Mistakes are necessary, even when doing what’s right. Especially when.
32. Why worry about what you can’t change?
33. The stoics were right: you can control your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Beyond that, it’s out of your hands.
34. God’s way is a whole lot better than yours.
35. No matterĀ  what you eat, if it’s the first solid thing you’ve had in nearly a month, it will make you cry.
36. Sometimes you just need to spend all day playing video games with your friends.
37. A sandwich made with Adam’s Love Substitute is not nearly as good as a sandwich made with the real thing.
38. Morphine really messes with your head.
40. Actually, just don’t be stupid.
41. It is possible for perfect strangers to completely understand each other’s lives.
42. Life is what you make of it. Choose happiness.
43. Letting go is often easier than trying to hold on.
44. Timing is just as important as everything else.
45. Say goodbye when you have to. Even if it means not seeing a friend for the next three years.
46. A world full of good intentions never fixed anything. You have to do something, and you’d darn well better do it right.
47. There will never be enough music in the world.
48. Sometimes it’s okay to make a complete fool of yourself in front of hundreds of people.
49. LTG, CTR, and don’t microwave hamsters, gerbils or other rodents. Cats are right out.
50. Great things happen in our lives to show us God knows and cares about us.
51. It’s important to understand why.
52. If you’re not asking questions, you’re not getting answers either.
53. Sometimes it takes three years to understand. When you finally do, don’t be surprised to find yourself laughing at a streetlight at ten PM on a Friday night in the middle of nowhere.
54. It is faith that makes us strong.
55. Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a singing frog, a video game, or maybe even ice cream.
56. Sometimes, goodbye’s the only way.
57. Death is just the next great adventure, and heaven is one big group hug/dance party.
58. Don’t risk what you don’t want to lose. Don’t even think about it. Gambling is stupid for a reason.
59. When you’re afraid of the future, imagine it’s an adventure, and you’re a pirate. Problems are a lot less intimidating when you’re a pirate.
60. There are fates worse than death.
61. Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood.
62. Sometimes your parents are actually right! Who’da thunk?
63. It is possible to learn a lesson from anything in life, even baby food jars.
64. Wisdom comes from experience. Not from fortune cookies.
65. Be meek.
66. Be patient.

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