What friendship means

  • Being trustworthy.
  • Trusting.
  • Knowing when it’s safe to butt in, and when to leave them be.
  • Being a part of the journey, not a face along the way.
  • Forgiving.
  • Forgetting.
  • Saying sorry.
  • Knowing you’re crazy and not caring.
  • Knowing they’re crazy and not caring.
  • Taking the time to listen not just to what’s said, but what isn’t said.
  • Understanding, as opposed to judging.
  • No gossip. About you to other people, or other people to you.
  • Sharing in the bad as well as the good.
  • No unnecessary drama.
  • Caring.
  • Inspiring.
  • Encouraging.
  • Patience.
  • Epic dance parties, whenever and wherever.
  • Keeping you at heart though you may not be in touch.
  • Seeing each other after years and it only feels like a day.
  • Acceptance.
I hope you’re noticing a common theme among these posts. Every human interaction is based on love. Not the emotional, head-over-heels Hollywood love, but the kind of love endures. It’s the kind that parents have for children, friends for each other, husbands and wives, grandparents, aunts, uncles, anyone. What love boils down to is the ability to see the best in someone else and inspire the desire to reach that potential. No guilt. No shame. No blame. No pride. No gossip. No lies. No cheating. No backstabbing. Just looking forward to the future and working each day to make tomorrow better. Progress.

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