You all understand!

If you haven’t heard of her before, you’re missing out. The absolutely awesome┬áZombie Song is currently a free download. Get it. Nine times.

One thing you’ll have to understand is that I’m going to make a lot of obscure references to things and then go out of my way to find links that help you understand why I say half the stupid things I do. now if only real life had something like that. That way I could just, you know, call up a youtube video above my head to explain what I’m talking about to someone. Instead of looking like a blithering idiot.

Today in my songwriting class, I performed for the first time since getting home from Chile in front of a group of people. Can I say I was incredibly nervous? Like I-stood-behind-the-piano-so-you-couldn’t-see-my-twitching-leg nervous? I nearly fell over. It was awesome.

The end.

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