Manic Monday

It’s mad music Monday! Why? Because I just decided it is. Mondays I’m going to post about music. Just for the alliteration.
For me, music isn’t about money. If it was, the band would actually be going somewhere. Music is about two things, really
  1. Having fun and destressing.
  2. Uplifting and inspiring.

For me, if it doesn’t do both of those, it really isn’t music. I’ll let you guess what that means about my musical preferences.

So since I came back, I’ve kind of been blown away by the huge changes in technology since I came out to college again. I remember around the time I left that the robot guitar had just come out a few months earlier. Now we’re dealing with this jazz – acoustic electric cymbals. Holy. Guacamole (which, by the way, is totally delicious).
It’s secretly my dream to retire from the world, live on a private island, and spend my time making acoustic guitars and playing private concerts. My love of music is half of the reason I decided to declare electrical engineering for my major – I love making things, and making musical things combines the best of both worlds. Pretty much, I just love working with my hands, if you can’t tell.
The only problem I have now is how to get power to said remote island. That, and the whole private concert idea kind of defeats the purpose of having the private island.
So I’ll just stick to being obsessed with new music and my life-long dream of performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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