Going Mac

So my laptop is essentially falling to pieces. That means it’s getting sent in for warranty work! In the meantime, I get to chronicle the adventures of being a dedicated iMac user for a while, and all that entails. I’ve been purchasing broken iMacs and fixing them up for the past few months, so I’m using one of them as my dedicated home computer now. Another is my current pet project: I bought it for $30, because of a supposedly nonfunctioning power supply. But it still turns on. Allow me to explain.

I took it apart and did a hardware reset, and lo and behold, it booted up! I figured that I could just reinstall Snow Leopard on it and call it a day. Unfortunately, not so. It boots, but doesn’t detect and hard disk or cd drive. Which is a problem. So I booted it into Open Firmware to try to reset the RAM and such. No go. I noticed that the computer said it was the year 2054 (I wish!), so I bought a new PRAM battery and put that in. No go. But at least now it says it’s 2001. I thought it might be a memory problem, so I tried booting the machine with separate memory sticks…still no good. At this point, I was stumped, and figured that the problem had to either be the logic board or really was the power supply, so I started looking into repairing or replacing them, and how to diagnose the issue. Unfortunately, the logic board replacement is right out – way too expensive for me. But I accidentally stumbled across an article that talked about problems with the capacitors on the motherboard and in the power supply. So I checked that out.

Turns out that there are indeed problems with the power supply! There’s a bunch of swollen and partially exploded capacitors. So I’m going to see if I can replace them myself before I go out and buy a replacement power supply.

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