Apartment Blues

Did you know that at BYU you have to have at least two outlet plugs in your bedroom?
And that owners are responsible for exterior cleanliness?
Did you know it’s common practice for you to get rent credit if you have to spend a large sum on cleaning products?

As a college kid, having an apartment can be a huge source of stress. Especially if the previous tenants didn’t do any upkeep. I’ve been scouring around online to find some good resources for those who are moving into their new houses and experiencing problems. I’ll try to keep things short and simple, because the resources speak for themselves. READ THEM! They do a stellar job of outlining the responsibilities of your landlord, which can be a huge help in major cleanup cases. These two I found incredibly helpful.

Heading Out on Your Own — Day 18: Renting Your First Apartment | The Art of Manliness.

BYU Off-Campus Housing Guide.

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