Believe in good things to come

I’ve received multiple requests of late from friends and friends of friends that I continue writing as I did while I was in Chile. It’s rather unfortunate that I’ve been so slow to respond, because writing has always been a wonderful respite for me, and an incredible chance to reflect on the things that have happened recently in my life. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeffrey R Holland’s talk “Good Things to Come“, and am picking myself up to start again. So here’s to starting anew and trying again. Shall we?

I’ve begun seriously studying Portuguese, and it is nothing short of wonderful. It reminds me of faces from Santiago, and some of the adventures I had there. I also recently, after quite some deliberation, decided to change my major to computer science, and this semester I’m gathering together the materials I need to apply for the animation emphasis. In November and December I took a class on 3d animation and fell in love with the material.

Sitting here in a cafe, watching cars pass and staring across the street at the gas station, all I can really think about right now is the journey of life. I’m planning a trip back to Santiago for this summer. Nobody else from my family will be coming along. It has been nearly two years since I got back, and not a day passes that something doesn’t remind me of the people and places there.

Time passes. People change. We make mistakes. We try to pick ourselves up and make the best we can with whatever we have. For each of us that means something different, but the story doesn’t really change all that much.

But who de we bring along on our journey? Do we really stop to look around and appreciate those who, for one reason or another, are thrust into our lives (or us into theirs) and appreciate them for who they are? Imperfect, yes, but beautiful each in their own right. Each bearing scars and stories not so different from ours that make them who they are. Perhaps the most beautiful part of life is that we can grow and overcome. No, it isn’t always easy, but it can be done.

I’m not a big believer in coincidence, especially when it comes to the people in my life. God is in the little things as much as big. Those memories have held me through the hard times that have happened in the last couple of years. We are blessed with both wonderful memories and terrible tragedies in this life, but the choice is ours what to do with them. Even the tragedies can be a blessing when viewed in the right light. They can lead to unexpected adventures, and the people who come along with us for the ride are often the ones we most come to love and understand, and it is in those dark, dreary moments that our memories of good times past, combined with our hope, can carry us through and give us the strength to press forward and believe in the good things to come.

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