Multilingual dilemma (and subsets)

I have this terrible dilemma that makes me hesitate to write in my blog: a lot of what I write, I write for friends in Chile as well as here in the States. A lot of them don’t speak English, so I’m hesitant to write at all.

Not really a good situation to be in, because I rather enjoy writing, as it helps me relieve stress. I’ve tried using simple free tools to translate, but short of hiring a translator, or simply translating and posting again, I don’t really have a solution. Anyone have an idea?

Maybe a separate blog?

In any event, life sure has been crazy! Things have finally calmed down, which means I have time to spare, meaning…

  • I’ve started running again! Oh how I’ve missed that.
  • Chris and I made shrimp tacos yesterday. So good!
  • I’m finally getting a grip on my classes, and things make sense. Linear algebra has been a beast. Yesterday I finally understood linear maps, which led me to make this comparison in my head:
(As a side note, yes, Emma Watson is pretty. No, she’s not my celebrity crush. That’s Taylor Swift.)
(As another side note, a special thanks to,, and for the images above)
  • …and I finally have my sense of humor back, as you can tell.
That’s really it for now!

One thought on “Multilingual dilemma (and subsets)”

  1. Write two blog posts — one in English, and one in Spanish — that say what you want to say in each language. If it's not precisely the same, I can live with that. I might even get motivated to learn the language. 🙂

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