The dreaded ‘f’ word: finals

So it’s finally finals week. I’d like to take a moment to tell everyone DON’T PANIC.

And don’t worry, for those of you paranoid students with serious insomnia like me, here’s Gandalf to provide you some study motivation:¬†YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

But in all seriousness (or non-seriousness, as it be), take a moment to put things in perspective. Your life does not hinge on whether or not you pass a class. If the worst thing that ever happens in your life is having to repeat a class, you have a pretty durn awesome life.

Everything happens for a reason! Trust that. If you’re trying to do the best you know how, things will work out. Not maybe how you want, but always how they need to be. Don’t be afraid to fail. To take chances. To jump when you need to. and hold back when you need to as well.¬†Trust that there’s a higher power driving things. Call it what you will.

And don’t stop believing!

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